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Impact Windows in Miami Offer Added Security, Protection

Impact Windows Miami OfferDo you want hurricane protection for your home without having to install blocky, awkward hurricane shutters? Impact windows just might be for you. Impact windows are stronger than regular windows and are designed to withstand hurricane force winds and the debris that is in the air during storms. Impact windows in Miami create a safety bubble for your home in addition to insuring storm protection for you and your family.

Every home needs impact windows in Miami:

Every home in a hurricane zone needs impact windows, and Miami is no different. Living in a bustling beach town means getting hit with storms and sometimes homeowners aren't prepared for the damages that can happen during even a minor hurricane or tropical storm. No one has the time or the money to deal with broken windows and other damages that come during the stormy season.

Insuring your home stays safe during storms is incredibly important to us and to you. Gone are the days of taking off work to fix the damage to your home that a storm has wreaked; with impact windows Miami you'll have the opportunity to rest easy knowing your home is protected from storm damage.

Choosing impact windows in Miami:

Deciding what kinds of impact windows in Miami will work best for your home is easy when we help! Experts will assess your home and walk through the process of choosing the most reliable impact windows for you. Each of our six different options for impact windows can be mixed, matched and customized to fit your home's unique windows. Here are the kinds of windows we offer: can you imagine them on your home?

Large picture windows are the first to be hit in any storm, which is why we've created an impact window to fit your picture window. Check our sizing chart, but know that we can customize our windows to fit your space!

Impact Windows Miami OfferThe second option, a casement window, allows for maximum ventilation and interchangeability throughout your home. The casement window comes with a multi-point lock for security and a strong aluminum frame that is easily hidden in the current design of your home.

The double hung window is a space-saving, strong alternative to the windows common to every home. No matter the floor, the size, or the shape, a double hung window looks great wherever you want to put it. Along with the traditional impact window features the double hung window maximizes space while still providing a great view outside. Depending on the window space available in your home we can help you determine if a single hung window is best for you, too. As always, our impact windows for Miami are entirely customizable to your home.

The architectural impact window for Miami is used for unconventional window shapes such as circles, ovals, sunroofs, half circles, pentagons, and more. These custom windows ensure that your home is protected in case of a storm and that no part of your home goes unnoticed when we assess the storm damage potential of your windows. These windows can be used in combination with our other impact windows with complete continuity.

Finally, horizontal rolling impact windows are great for large window spaces. These windows are set on rollers for easy rolling open and shut. Horizontal rolling impact windows in Miami can be designed to open right to left or left to right.

Your move:

Installing the right impact windows in Miami is a huge decision, but it's one that could save you thousands of dollars in storm damage this storm season. Come in to the store or check us out online to find out how we can protect you and your home with our impact windows!