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For the residents of Florida who have been through a few hurricane seasons you know the Sunshine State doesn't always live up to its name. Dark clouds arrive with strong winds and heavy rains, beating down the palm trees and a path to your front door. In order to stay safe from hurricane winds and debris this storm season consider installing impact windows for your Key Biscayne home. Not only will you save money in the long run, but will have peace of mind all throughout the year.

Why impact windows in Key Biscayne work:

Impact windows are perfect for Florida residents, because they are beneficial no matter where in �Hurricane Alley' you might live. Even if your home isn't directly in the path of a major hurricane or storm you can still be seriously affected by winds, rain, and debris. Impact windows are designed to anchor into your home and flex with the wind and debris, able to withstand impacts up to 200 miles per hour. The special coating on most impact windows in Key Biscayne allows for shatter-proofing of windows, keeping dangerous glass from littering your yard or becoming airborne during a storm.

Impact windows help keep your windows from breaking, as the simplest of their uses go. The debris that is picked up and carried by hurricane force winds is often one of the most damaging factors when it comes to hurricanes and their negative effects. With impact windows you don't have to worry about windows being your home's weak spot.

Long-term benefits of impact windows Key Biscayne:

Impact windows can save you money on insurance, repair costs, energy bills and more. Not only will you not have to worry about window-related storm damage, but you will also mitigate the chances of your home being damaged by a hurricane. Impact windows Key Biscayne function as a protective layer against wind and debris; when average windows break during a hurricane the wind, debris, and pressure fluctuations can actually warp the structure of your home permanently. Installing impact windows can insure you don't have to repair a roof or deal with a cracked foundation because of hurricane winds.

Impact windows also help insulate your home, keeping energy costs down by locking in heat and air conditioning during their respective seasons. Roofs and windows are usually the two highest areas of energy wastage in a home. Impact windows also assist with paying for themselves by knocking some money off of your insurance plan; because your home is at less of a risk of storm damage because of Key Biscayne impact windows, you will likely be able to save on preventative repairs and your insurance as well.

Impact windows in Key Biscayne protect everything:

In addition to keeping your home and family safe from winds and debris caused by tropical storms and hurricanes impact windows also function as an added layer of security. These windows are harder to break, meaning that anyone who is trying to gain access to your home (such as a burglar or other intruder) would have a harder time doing so.