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How to Find Impact Windows for Cat Island

Impact windows are one of the front line protection systems for homes in areas that experience a large amount of tropical storms or hurricanes. Living in paradise means enjoying the finer things in life like beaches, great weather and the beautiful sunshine; unfortunately many people are not prepared for the nasty side of the tropics, and are caught in the middle of hurricane season with little or no home protection. Here are a few ways impact windows on Cat Island can keep your home safe this hurricane season.

More about impact windows Cat Island:

Impact windows are super-strong windows designed to withstand, you guessed it, impacts. Most people associate hurricanes with heavy wind and rain, but don't think about the kind of debris that flies through the air because of the wind. Cat Island impact windows help protect your home against wind, pressure changes, and debris flung about by the storm outside. Impact windows are two-paned glass with an inner membrane that flexes and bends without breaking. During a hurricane the outer glass may break, but the solid middle portion and strong anchor of the window and frame keep the window intact.

Impact windows, or hurricane windows, come in many different shapes and sizes and can be customized to fit all the windows you might have in your home. These include large picture windows, smaller house panes, and unique shapes like crescents, circles and skylights.

Benefits of impact windows Cat Island:

The benefits of impact windows are many, especially in locations where tropical storms are commonplace. Hurricane force winds and rain come around yearly, and being unprepared isn't an option. By installing impact windows in Cat Island you can save lots of time, money and worry, not to mention money on post-storm repairs. When your regular windows break during a hurricane or major storm you not only run the risk of glass and debris coming into your home, but also risk water damage to valuable possessions and the possibility that the wind, water and pressure changes that occur during a storm can irreparably damage your roof- or take it right off.

Impact windows for Cat Island also come in handy as protection against harmful UV rays, as the tint on the glass filters a majority of these out. This causes your fabrics, furniture, curtains and other items to be protected against sun fading. There is also a decrease in outside noise because of the triple impact window layers, and an increase in heating and cooling retention. Impact windows can also keep unwanted intruders out, as they will be a harder target to break as opposed to an average window.

Cons of impact windows Cat Island:

There is really only one downside to installing impact windows Cat Island and that is the cost. The upfront cost of replacing your old windows with impact windows can be very high, but they definitely do pay for themselves over time. Impact windows prevent a lot of common hurricane damages from ever occurring, meaning the money you spend on impact windows translates into later savings from prevented storm damages.