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Living with Hurricane Shutters in Key Biscayne

Picking up after a storm is something many Florida residents find themselves doing year after year. Even if your home was left relatively unscathed there are always friends, neighbors and family members who struggle to pick up the pieces after a particularly bad storm season. Installing hurricane protections systems can be pricey, but in the long run can save you money on the yearly repairs that come from not having the right windows or shutters in place to protect your property from hurricanes. Read on to find out how hurricane shutters Key Biscaynecould protect your home, save you money, and leave you on your feet after a hurricane.

The pros of hurricane shutters Key Biscayne:

Living on the water means you often feel the brunt of hurricane forces that those who live inland might miss. Homes on the water run a greater risk of having windows broken from debris and wind as well as experiencing flooding and other water damage.

Installing hurricane shutters in Key Biscayne protects your windows from wind, debris, and water. The easy to store shutters typically are on rollers which make them simple to roll over your windows, garages and exposed porches in advance of a storm. Some hurricane shutter systems can be automated, meaning you don't have to go outside during bad weather and can even roll out your shutters from a mobile device if you aren't home.

Key Biscayne hurricane shutters also keep water from leaking in through window seals. Although there are many other places where water might get into your home, the windows shouldn't be one spot you have to worry about. Hurricane shutters can also serve as shade screens during hot, sunny days; as bug zappers in the case of electrified screens; and as a sort of security system if you are going out of town as many types of shutters are able to be locked in place.

Additionally, hurricane shutters can up the resale value of your home as people who are moving to Florida want to make sure they will be safe during a hurricane. Although the upfront cost of installing hurricane shutters in Key Biscayne might be a lot, the cost is certainly made up for in the repairs you don't have to make as well as the benefits to your insurance and resale value.

The cons of hurricane shutters Key Biscayne:

Unfortunately hurricane shutters can be expensive and often require professional installation to put them in place. Automating your hurricane shutters Key Biscayne is a great idea, but can also drive the price up considerably.

Non-automated hurricane shutters require you to go outside to pull them over your garage doors, windows or other protected spaces which can be dangerous in light on an oncoming hurricane. Some types of hurricane shutters also require a storage system for when they aren't in use which can lead to a bulky and aesthetically awkward addition to your home.

The hurricane shutter Key Biscayne story continues:

Basically, Key Biscayne hurricane shutters might be expensive, but they are worth it to protect your home.