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Living in the Bahamas makes people think of a carefree life spent relaxing on the beach, drink in hand, not a care in the world. While this might be true for some people not every day is a day in paradise. When hurricane season rolls around it can be difficult to keep a positive spin on life in the tropics. Cleaning up after a major storm involves not only putting your life and home back together, but helping your neighbors do the same. Get rid of storm worry when you install hurricane impact windowsBahama Island.

What are hurricane impact windows in Nassau, Bahamas?

Hurricane impact windows are special windows that are able to withstand heavy winds, pressure changes, and impacts from flying debris that often accompanies hurricanes. The majority of broken windows during a hurricane happen because of flying debris. Bahama Islandhurricane impact windows are double paned windows with a special, very resilient layer in the middle that flexes and bends without breaking when under pressure.

This internal layer as well as the two outside panes of glass, which can be treated with a special film to make them shatterproof, is anchored securely into the frame of the hurricane window. This in turn is connected to your home where high winds, rains, and debris will have a very hard time getting through.

The benefits of hurricane impact windowsBahama Island:

There are many benefits stemming from the installation of hurricane impact windowsin Bahama Island. Hurricane impact windows are designed not to break during a hurricane, eliminating any cleanup you'd normally need to do with regular windows when the storm is over. Hurricane impact windows keep water out so that your belongings won't be ruined by water coming in.

Hurricane impact windows are also tinted to block out a majority of harmful UV rays from the sun, so even when there isn't a storm you are reaping the benefits of this technology. UV rays are a cause of premature fading in things like curtains and furniture; with hurricane impact windows your furniture will not only stay dry, but new-looking as well!

Hurricane impact windows are incredibly tough to break, but look like regular windows. You don't have to sacrifice your view or natural light that comes into your home even during a hurricane, like you would have to do if you installed hurricane shutters instead. Bahama Islandhurricane impact windows can keep potential intruders out of your home, too; the strong windows resist breaking, leaving an intruder with no easy access into your home through a window.

The cons of hurricane impact windowsBahama Island:

The downside of hurricane impact windowsBahama Island is that they can be very expensive. Although you can have hurricane impact windows fitted for all of your windows that may be uniquely shaped and sized it can be very pricy to protect your entire home. However, in the end, hurricane impact windows really do pay for themselves not only in what repairs they can save you from making, but in many other ways as well.